Road transport

Road transportation is what we do best in Isotra. Road transport is the most common type of transport in logistics. It is faster than marine or rail transport, and cheaper than air transport is. Surely people engaged in freight transportation know all the advantages of this type of transportation:

speed reliability flexibility convenience control

When we receive an order, we respond quickly to ship valuable consignments of our customers safely and on time. With the fleet of ever-increasing number of reliable partner-carriers relations with whom we established over the years, we can provide transportation for your goods virtually to any destination in Europe. Total number of rolling stock has more than 60 trucks - tautliners and refrigerated trailers with 90 m3 freight capacity, more than 40 container platforms and more than 30 truck - trailers with 120 m3 freight capacity. The trucks we use are equipped in accordance with the modern European standards (EURO 3 - EURO 6), satellite tracking devices and manned by professional drivers.

Sea freights

We aim to provide customized solutions to meet the needs of our clients anywhere in the world. This principle is the basis of our effective performance. We understand that the global logistics is constantly developing, requiring a combined, but formed set of solutions accounting each client's preferences. For this reason, our services include arrangement of marine transportation. It is perfectly complement by our expertise in road transport. Marine transportation is an integral part of freight traffic, linking the America, Asia, Africa and other parts of the world to Europe. We offer the following freight shipping:

1. full container load (FCL)

2. less than container load (LCL)

3. transportation of cargo larger than standard-size containers on specialized platforms.

With the advent of containerization it has become easy to transport goods that "fit to limits." Isotra has experience in container transportation. But there is a feature that distinguishes us from others: it is the ability to handle freight that does not fit "in a box".

In the Riga Sea Port (Latvia), we provide agent services ensuring proper control of your freight during freight acceptance/ shipping to/from the port, handling and preparation of its documents.

We constantly develop partnerships with the world's leading shipping providers; this allows Isotra to exceed the customers' expectations.

Multi-modal Transportation

When we accept an order for transportation we ensure delivery of the goods. When a customer submits a request, which seems impossible, we do everything it takes to make it possible, using our diligence, skills and operational efficiency. This is the very thing that distinguishes Isotra from the others. Faced with obstacles, we employ ingenuity and persistence to solve complex issues that require immediate response.

We provide integrated solutions, including warehousing, marine shipping, truck forwarding and oversized freight transportation. Use of multi-modal logistics schemes allows the company to respond quickly to customers' needs.

Our potentialities allow us to offer flexible solutions in the field of multi-modal transportation, and we constantly strive to do it better than others.

Oversized freight transportation stands in a separate "line". Such transportation is quite a complicated and time-consuming process associated with route calculation and obtaining of the necessary approvals and permits, but effectiveness of various industries: agriculture, construction, energy, engineering industry and others depends on timely and accurate delivery. We will help your business to increase this efficiency by proper arrangement of such freight transportation.

Air freight

Air cargo traffic is the fastest delivery method. Despite the fact that it is the most expensive form of delivery, there are objective circumstances conditioning necessity to use this form of transportation: mostly, these are high-cost goods, urgency of delivery, small delivery size and other freight characteristics...

Our company develops this business objective. Over the last years, the Riga Airport constantly increased its capacity, and not only passenger flow but freight flow is increasing every year. Year by year Riga becomes more and more important junction point for freight flows from America, Western Europe and Scandinavia to the CIS countries. At the same time we can provide our customers with faster and better service in this field of ​​transportation. Such airlines as AirBaltic, Raf-Avia, Atlas Air, National Air Cargo, Finnair, Lufthansa and others operate in our airport...

Storage services

Forwarding services would not be complete without qualitative freight handling. In order to meet customized requirements, we constantly expand a range of warehousing services.

Today, Isotra offers a number of warehousing services, effectively complementing our freight shipping solutions. We provide customers with warehousing solutions focusing on speed, simplicity and reliability. We offer to our customers' disposal both the intra-warehousing areas and secure outdoor storage areas for long-term as well as for short-term storage. We will satisfy your storage requirements and ensure proper storage, safety and careful handling of your freight.

We provide:

  • a full range of services for freight receipt, inspection and examination

  • consolidation of individual freight shipments

  • packaging/repackaging and labeling

  • warehouse handling of dangerous freight

  • warehouse handling of oversized freight

Other services

Isotra provides a full range of services related to logistic processes. The first thing we do is to find out what is important to you. What are your individual needs and preferences, what are the requirements to transportation, what is specificity of the freight. Thereafter we develop a customized transport solution. It includes more than just arrangement of delivery from point A to point B. We provide advice and assistance throughout the entire shipping. For example, we will prepare for you a list of required documents and point to nuances in their execution.

Another important thing is that, if you wish, we can undertake most of the communication with suppliers! Provided consent of the customer, we will contact the consignor and clarify shipping details: date, time, freight information and accompanying documents. Customer receives information on his order status on a daily basis. In simple words: as a forwarder we will help to save your time and money.

Here is a list of the most popular services:

  • procedures of import, export, transit within the territory of European Union;

  • advice and assistance in customs clearance;

  • quick calculation of route and costs during a few hours after inquiry;

  • drafting, adaptation and calculation of optimal transportation schemes;

  • customer support;

  • cargo insurance

It is much more than that. Please, advise us about your preferences and, for sure, we will find a way to implement those.

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